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Dreaming of Districts, and beyond

Now, it counts! The Ravens will open the state series with the 4A D3 District meet at Rogers Park Golf Course on Thursday, Oct 20th. The girls race is scheduled for 8 am, the boys at 8:30 am. The packed field of 20 schools presents the first hurdle in the Ravens bid for the State Finals. The top eight teams advance to the Regionals, scheduled for North Port High School on Oct 29. The top three individual runners who are not a part of an advancing team also qualify for Regionals.

The District format allows 10 runners to compete, with the top five scoring. However, if a team advances to the Regionals, only seven runners are allowed to participate.


The top eight teams, along with the top three individuals not on a qualifying team, will advance to the State Finals in Tallahassee on Nov. 5.

The District meet is during the day and all participants will be given school business for the entire day. However, you are welcome to go back to school if you have academic requirements.

Regional Squads:


Kenza Attallah (alt)

Skyler Gillett

Carly Henry

Alex Howell

Nathalia Mallo

Maria Ortiz

Isabella Quinlan

Megan Seales


Preston Cooper

Ryan Winslow

Practice Schedule this week- Oct. 24 - 29

Mon., Oct 24 -  6:15 - 7:30 am @ Alonso pm

Tues, Oct 25 -  4:15 - 5:30 pm @ Alonso

Wed, Oct. 26 - 4:15 - 5:30 pm @ Alonso

Thur, Oct. 27 -  4:15 - 5:30 pm @ Alonso

Frid, Oct. 28 - 6:15 - 7:30 am @ Alonso 

Sat. Oct 29 - @ Regionals., North Port HS, 8 am


PRs Piling Up: After seven weeks of competition, the Ravens continue to take out PRs and inch closer to ideal form for the state series.

At the FSU Pre States, 6 Ravens improved on their career best 5K time. Through seven races, there are now 27 personal records. 

Leading the way among the girls were sophomores Maria Ortiz (21:15), Megan Seales (22:53), Alex Howell (23:08), Isabella Quinlan (23:25), and Kenza Attallah (23:51).

Notable performances from the boys include Ryan Winslow (17:12), Preston Cooper (17:39), Adrian Sanchez (18:47),  Luke Walguarney (19:14), Alex Hansen (19:15), Jizrahel Sajous (19:40), Ethan Fisher (19:40), and John Zewel (20:12). 

Season Underway: Our cross country season is now five weeks in and already many runners have clipped PRs. Moving forward, the race day lineups of who is racing in what event will be commonly be released by Thursday night or Friday morning prior to a Saturday meet. Here are a few things to keep in mind.....

a. Racers are expected to be at the venue ONE HOUR before the race. That is standard proedure in our sport. You have to get your chips or bibs, warm up and report to the start. Bibs/chips will be distributed at the team camp, our new blue/gold tent and our new blue/gold flag should help with location. Non competitors are expected to be at the race supporting their teammates. ALL members of the team (whether competing or not) are expected to be there.

b. Not everyone will run in every meet. There are some of you nursing injuries, and others not yet ready to complete a 5K. It would be irresponsible of the program to place you in the event if you are injured or cannot complete the race safely. The target for those sitting out will be the second week of the season, Sept 3, at the Florida Horse Park Invitational. 

c. We run in our new blue uniforms. Coach Z has the backup gold set in case of emergency. Please respect the sanctity of our uniform and remember that it is an honor to wear it. No one other than a member of our progam should ever wear your uniform.

Seeding: Who will compete at varsity or junior varsity will be flexible per week. In fact, there is likely to be some movement between spots. Keep in mind, here are the determing factors for positional seeding: performance, attendance/effort, seniority, injuries/health, and preparedness. It is not the common practice of the program to allow student athletes to compete in a 3.1-mile race if they cannot complete a 2-mile time trial. 

Phillipe Park: Please note we have added Phillipe Park in Oldsmar to our training rotation. It provides uneven terrain, hills and shelter facilities.

Concession Stand Was a Blast: We had a remarkable turnout for Friday's concession ctand duty and the program made some cash. It was hot, busy, crowded and intense, but you all did a remarkable job and we made money. The final tally is unclear, but safe to say we got it done. You should be proud. We extend a special shout out to the parents who worked like dogs back in the heat of the fryers, etc. Well done parents and team administrators! Those funds go into our program and help offset the heavy expenses of our annual operational budget. Our only other fund raising moment is the parking lot painting day, which likely will be on a Sunday in a few weeks. More on that later. 

School  in Session: We have now returned to our school schedule and you need to make needed adjustments. Our practice time will now primarily be in the 6:15 pm time frame, with Friday am being our designated morning practice, except if we compete on Friday. When we practice in the am, athletes can either go home or shower at school. We have been doing this for a few years, so it has become somewhat routine. Friday will be our first am practice during the school week. You can imagine at least one a week.

It is important to note that practices during the season are not voluntary, they are mandatory. The expectations about being an athlete, being part of a team, is the participation in practices, meets and team events.

Paperwork: Paperwork has been the most significant hurdle. For Hillsborough County, the rules are not subject to interpretation: All athletes must be completely cleared before they can participate in workouts, practices, weightroom sessions or events. No exceptions. The paperwork is comprehensive and takes time. The paperwork portal opened on May 25. The link below will take you directly to Hillsborough County's athletic website. Please, carefully follow the directions to fill out the on-line paperwork.

Here are a few of the important documents that must be filled out.




Common Issues with paperwork: For the 10 weeks of the summer program we have seen some common issues with the submission of the paperwork. Among them are:


1. Incomplete EL2 forms. The physical form MUST be on the appropriate document, MUST have the doctor's signature AND date. ALL "Yes" answers MUST be explained.

2. Residence Enrollment Form. We have seen a number of athletes submit the REF for Plant High School.

3. Matching IDs and addresses. The driver's license address MUST match the address listed on the online registration AND in the school system. Please, please, please note, this is a County rule, not the Alonso Cross Country program rule.

4. Insurance. All athletes MUST purchase insurance through the school system. For our sport it is $30, but that fee may be increased if the student athlete plans on participating in other sports. Athletes are advised to select the price that covers all the sports in which they intend to participate.

New Athletic Director: We have a new AD at Alonso, Mr Matt Warner. Please be patient with him as he gets his feet wet and learns to navigate his duties. 


ROYO: ROYO is an acronym for "Run on Your Own." This is a common designation for offseason distance workouts since many of you will be traveling. There are very few ROYOs once the season starts. However, you miss practice, you may wish to pick up your workout around a neighborhood park.


Strava: Strava is a free running app that allows athletes to track their mileage and performance. We will be keeping tabs on the athletes during the regular season via Strava. It is the directive of the coaching staff that ALL runners download Strava to their phones or watches so we can monitor progress. This is not an option.

Time Trials: At the end of the track season, we conducted a 2-mile time trial for the returners who were still competing in track. We will have another time trial on June 25, and that will be followed by a 2.5-mile time trial on Aug.1. The time trials are evalution requirements to be part of the team. If you are absent or on vacation for a time trial, no problem. You will run it immediately upon your return. 

New Ravens: It has been so awesome to see all these new Ravens joining our program. We welcome you all, and promise that there will be an opportunity for all to compete and get better. Patience will be the key. Many of you have not run a 5K race before, so we have to be careful and systematic in our preparation. It is likely that some of the very new runners, particularfly those who did not participate in the summer conditioning program, will not make their debut in the first race, perhaps even in the second. This is a precautionary measure. We have to make sure you are able to handle the three miles (some of which is in remote wooded areas) before we put you in a race. 

Communication: We expect that things come up, but if you simply don't show for something, dont communicate or don't call, that is in poor taste. It also sets a bad precedent for your adult life. Each of you has a phone, send Coach Mills a message if you can't make something. Nothing is more problematic than the failure to communicate.

Morning Sessions: Yes, the plan is to have at least two early morning sessions per week when the school year starts. More on that later.

Meets: Our tentative 2022 schedule is posted below. As always, you have to be prepared to be flexible since the County and other circumstances above our influence do reserve the right to make changes. For the most part, this is the schedule, so you can plan accordingly.

Ravens 2022 Cross Country Schedule:

Aug 26 -  Babe Zaharias Invite (Forest Hills Golf Course), 6 pm

Sept 3 - Florida Horse Park (Ocala), 7 am

Sept. 10 - Seffner Christian Invite (Holloway), 7 am

Sept 13 - West Hillsborough Invite (Rogers Park), 5 pm

Sept. 17 - North Port Invite (North Port HS), 7am

Sept 24 - The Abbey Invite (St Leo College), 7 am

Sept 31/Oct 1 - Flrunners Invite (Holloway), 7 am

Oct 6 - Fresh/Soph Invite (Mary Help Academy), 5 pm

Oct 8 - FSU Pre State (Tallahassee, TBA)

Oct 10 - Spaghetti Run @ TBA, 5 pm

Oct. 13 - County Championships (Mary Help Academy), 5 pm

Oct 20 - District Meet @ Rogers Park Golf Course, @ 

Oct. 29 - Regionals @ North Port HS, North Port

Nov. 5 - State Finals @ Tallahassee


Tryouts: The Ravens XC program’s long-standing policy not to cut athletes due to running level remains in place. We do not have tryouts in the traditional sense. We do have Time Trials which will be used to seed our runners, but EVERYONE who practices routinely, gets to compete when they are ready to do so. The top five, seven or ten (depending on the race) will compete in the varsity race, all others will compete in the JV race. Most meets run a girls varsity, a boys varsity, and then the JV races, in that order. Sometimes, the boys and girls JV races are combined.


Transportation: Remember, we have no buses for transportation. All transportation is the responsibility of parents and athletes. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF A MEET to scamper for transportation to the venue. It is your responsibility to arrange your transportation. Meet us at the venue.


Coaching staff: Coach Mills (813-810-8815, is the head coach of both the boys and girls programs. Coaches Mindy Zeliff and Kayla Skelton are assistant coaches. Remember, they are volunteers who are surrendering their time and energy. Please refer any complaints or comments to the head coach.


Team Fee: There is a $100 team fee associated with the cross-country season. It is due by Friday Aug.12th. The team covers the entries costs, snacks, drinks, additional equipment costs and your team shirt. Thus far, some of you have already paid your team fee. EVERYONE has to pay. There are additional costs when we travel to Tallahassee for Pre-State meet and potential Regionals and States. Those will be discussed closer to that time.


4A District 3

Oct 20, 2022

Skyler Gillett                  19:32

Nathalia Mallo                20:14 (PR)

Maria Ortiz                     20:40 (PR)

Isabella Quinlan             21:40 (PR)

Alex Howell                    21:58 (PR)

Megan Seales                21:59 (PR)

Carly Henry                    22:03 

Kenza Attallah                22:26 (PR)

Rachel Leonard              24:47 (PR)

Emelee Schenker           24:51 (PR)

Preston Cooper             16:53.5 (PR)

Ryan Winslow                16:53.8 (PR)

Luke Walguarney           18:21.1 (PR)

Asher Pollard                  18:21.8 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez              18:28 (PR)

Alex Hansen                   19:01 (PR)

John Zewell                     19:09 (PR)

Jizrahel Sajous                19:41

Ethan Fisher                    20:06

Cooper Geib                   20:13 (PR)

Hillsborough County Championships

Oct 13, 2022

Skyler Gillett                   20:45

Nathalia Mallo                21:44

Carly Henry                    23:30                  Alex Howell                    23:45

Megan Seleas                23:58

Isabella Quinlan             24:01

Kenza Attallah                24:10

Rachel Leonard             26:08

Emelee Schenker           27:38

Kaylie Hardee                27:56

Makenna Jones             30:32

Sara Diaz                       30:36

Makenna Howell            31:08

Lily Perin                        32:31

Karianna Hill                  36:07

Ryan Winslow                17:31

Preston Cooper             18:59

Alex Hansen                  19:48

Ethan Fisher                   19:50

Adrian Sanchez             20:01

Asher Pollard                 20:23

Luke Walguarney           20:35

John Zewell                    20:57

Jizrahel Soujous             21:02

Cooper Geib                  21:38

Ryan Lam                      25:59 

Caleb Joseph                27:27 (PR)

FSU Pre State

Oct 8, 2022


Skyler Gillett                    20:56  

Nathala Mallo                  21:04

Maria Ortiz                      21:15 (PR)

Carlson Henry                 23:06

Alex Howell                     23:08

Megan Seales                 23:24

Isabella Quinlann            23:25 (PR)

Kenza Attallah                24:06

Emelee Schenker           26:11 (PR)

Lily Perin                        27:09


Ryan Winslow                17:33

Preston Cooper             17:54

Alex Hansen                  19:15 (PR) 

Adrian Sanchez             19:23   

Jizrahel Sajous               19:40 (PR)

Ethan Fisher                   19:44

John Zewell                    20:12 (PR)

Cooper Geib                  20:46

Luke Walguarney           20:59 


Freshman/Sophomore Championships

Oct 6, 2022

Kenza Attallah                24:04

Rachel Leonard             25:57 (PR) 

Emelee Schenker           26:43

Lily Perin                         27:22

Kailey Hardee                 27:39 (PR)

Makenna Jones              28:41

Sara Diaz                        30:24

Karianna Hill                   32:34

Ethan Fisher                   19:40

Cooper Geib                  20:48

Ryan Lam                      24:08 (PR)  

Caleb Joseph                28:29

The Abbey Invite @ St Leo

Sept 26, 2022

Nathalia Mallo             21:29

Maria Ortiz                  22:35

Megan Seales             24:32 

Carly Henry                 25:13

Isabella Quinlan          25:13

Alex Howell                 25:43

Kenza Atallah              26:45

Emelee Schenker        27:13 

Rachel Leonard           28:13

Lily Perin                      28:37

Kailey Hardee              30:39

Makenna Howell          30:44

Makenna Jones           32:18 

Sara Diaz                     32:31

Ryan Winslow              18:05

Preston Cooper           18:09

Adrian Sanchez           19:45

Alex Hansen                19:57 (PR)

Luke Walguarney         21:16 

John Zewell                  21:18

Jizrahel Sajous             21:21

Cooper Geib                21:46

Ryan Lam                     25:26 (PR)

Caleb Johnson             29:40 

North Port Invite

Sept 19, 2022

Skyler Gillett                      20:18 

Nathalia Mallo                   21:22

Maria Ortiz                        21:47 (PR)

Megan Seales                   22:53 (PR)

Carly Henry                       23:19

Isabella Quinlan                23:26 (PR)

Alex Howell                       23:49 (PR)

Lily Perin                           26:18 (PR)

Emelee Schenker              26:21(PR)  

Rachel Leonard                26:52 (PR) 

Ryan Winslow                    17:12 (PR)

Preston Cooper                 18:17 

Adrian Sanchez                 18:47 (PR)

Luke Walguarney               19:14 (PR) 

Jizrahel Sajous                   19:48 (PR)

Alex Hansen                       19:57 (PR) 

Cooper Geib                       20:40 

John Zewell                         ???

West Hillsborough Invite

Sept 13, 2022

Skyler Gillett                       21:32

Nathalia Mallo                    21:54

Maria Ortiz                         23:11

Megan Seales                    23:38

Carly Henry                        23:53

Isabella Quinlan                 24:34

Alex Howell                        29:07

Rachel Leonard                 29:12

Makenna Howell                30:08

Lily Perin                            30:36

Kailey Hardee                    31:32

Emelee Schenker               31:39

Makenna Jones                  33:11

Ryan Winslow                      18:57

Luke Walguarney                 20:03              Ethan Fisher                         20:19

Adrian Sanchez                   20:31 

Jizrahel Sajous                    20:55

Alex Hansen                        21:02

John Zewell                         21:33

Cooper Geib                       21:36

Ryan Lam                           26:12

Caleb Joseph                     30:56                    

Seffner Christian Invite

Sept 10, 2022

Nathalia Mallo                22:41

Maria Ortiz                     23:30 

Megan Seales                23:52   

Isabella Quinlan             24:29

Carly Henry                    25:16

Kenza Attallah                26:01

Rachel Leonard              29:37 

Emelee Schenker           30:02

Makenna Jones              32:08

Lily Perin                         32:22

Makenna Howell             33:27

Sara Diaz                        34:06

Kailey Hardee                 34:09

Ryan Winslow                  18:26

Preston Cooper               18:54  

Adrian Sanchez               20:12  

Jizrahel Sajous                 21:09

Ethan Fisher                     21:13

Luke Walguarney             21:21

Alex Hansen                     21:27

John Zewell                      22:56

Cooper Geib                     22:57

Ryan Lam                         28:58

Caleb Johnson                 32:48 

Florida Horse Park Invite

Sept. 3, 2022

Skyler Gillet                   21:03

Nathalia Mallo               21:46

Maria Ortiz                    21:56 (PR)

Megan Seales              23:44

Isabella Quinlan           24:16 (PR)

Carly Henry                 24:38

Kenza Attallah             25:28

Rachel Leonard           28:08

Emelee Schenker         28:09 (PR)

Lily Perin                      28:13

Makenna Howell          28:49

Kailey Hardee              28:53

Makenna Jones           29:39

Sara Diaz                     30:59 (PR)

Preston Cooper               17:39 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez              19:18 

Luke Walguarney            20:28

Jizrahel Sajous                20:29 (PR)

Alex Hansen                    20:42 (PR)

Ethan Fisher                    20:52 (PR)

Cooper Geib                   21:02

John Zewell                     21:36

Ryan Lam                        26:14 (PR)

Caleb Johnson                30:53   

Babe Zaharius Invite

Aug 26, 2022

Skyler Gillett                    21:23

Nathalia Mallo                 21:43

Maria Ortiz                      22:46 (PR)

Carly Henry                     22:54

Alex Howel                      23:08 (PR)

Megan Seales                 23:30 (PR)

Kenza Attallah                 23:51 (PR)

Isabella Quinlan              26:46

Rachel Leonard               27:06

Makenna Jones               28:02

Lily Perin                          28:15

Makenna Howell              28:36

Emelee Schenker            28:59

Sara Diaz                         32:13

Preston Cooper               18:19 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez               19:38

Luke Walguarney             19:44

Cooper Geib                     20:26

Alex Hansen                     20:48

Jizrahel Sajous                 20:50

John Zewell                      20:52

Ethan Fisher                      20:59

Ryan Lam                          26:41 

Caleb Johnson                  27:35 


4A District 3

Oct 27, 2021


Skyler Gillett                   19:26 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo                 21:14

Carly Henry                     22:53

Megan Seales                 23:55 (PR)

Alex Howell                     24:15 (PR)

Maria Ortiz                      25:27

Kenza Attallah                 25:37 (PR)

Hana Konno                    25:38      

Makenna Jones              26:22 (PR)

Rachel Leonard              27:04 (PR)


Raekwon Hopkins            16:20

Ryan Winslow                   17:27 (PR)

Zack Kremkau                  17:45 (PR) 

Kevin Velazquez               18:10

Cameron Howe                 18:15 

Ian Ludlam                        18:24

Preston Cooper                 18:32 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez                19:13 (PR)

Carson Vega                     19:55 

Hudson Capps                  19:56

Freshman/Sophomore Championships

Oct. 21, 2021


Carly Henry             21:57 (PR)

Megan Seales         24:23 (PR)  

Alex Howell             24:43 (PR)

Kenza Attallah         25:41 (PR)

Makenna Jones       26:29 (PR)

Maria Ortiz               26:54     

Rachel Leonard       27:31 (PR) 

Emelee Schenker    28:01 (PR)

Sophia Gunnin         28:59 (PR)

Alexis Piazza            29:17 (PR)

Josie Yiu                  29:37 (PR)

Hannah Tucker        34:08 (PR)

Kaitlyn Vong            36:16 (PR)


Preston Cooper        18:54  

Carson Vega            19:26 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez       19:35 (PR)

Hudson Capps         19:53 (PR)

FSU Pre State

Oct. 16, 2021



Skyler Gillett                  20:20

Nahalia Mallo                21:48

Carly Henry                   23:20

Megan Seales               24:50 (PR) 

Ella McCormick             27:26


Raekwon Hopkins             16:06

Ryan Winslow                    17:54

Ian Ludlam                         17:58

Cameron Howe                  18:09

Kevin Velazquez                 18:26.3

Zack Kremkau                    18:26.6 

County Championships

Oct 9, 2021


Skyler Gillett                    20:14    

Nathalia Mallo                 21:45

Carly Henry                     23:24

Ella McCormick               24:59

Megan Seales                 25:17

Alex Howell                     26:55

Kenza Attallah                 26:45

Makenna Jones              27:50

Miriam Elmassry             27:57  

Hana Konno                    28:48

Makenna Howell             29:53

Rachel Leonard              30:09

Emelee Schenker           30:38

Josie Yui                         31:34

Alexis Piazza                  31:45

Sophia Gunnin               32:19

Kaitlyn Vong                   38:38 


Raekwon Hopkins         16:33

Kevin Velazquez            18:51 

Zack Kremkau               19:02

Cameron Howe              19:06

Ian Ludlam                     19:42  

Colin Duong                   20:18

Carson Vega                  20:55

Hudson Capps              21:14

Patrick Miller                  23:34  

West Hills Invite

Oct 5, 2021


Ella McCormick           24:35  

Alex Howell                 25:53 (PR)

Miriam Elmassry         27:13 

Makenna Jones          28:01

Rachel Leonard          28:46 (PR)

Makenna Howell         30:00 

Emelee Schenker        30:02 (PR)

Josie Yiu                      30:06 (PR)

Sophia Gunnin             30:43 (PR)

Hannah Tucker             34:46

Kaitlyn Vong                 36:36 (PR)


Preston Cooper           19:16

Carson Vega               19:40 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez           19:58

Colin Duong                 21:06

Hudson Capps             21:19

Patrick Miller                 22:05 (PR)


FlRunners Invitational

Oct. 2, 2021


Skyler Gillett                21:10  

Nathalia Mallo             22:12

Carly Henry                 24:24

Ella McCormick           25:18

Megan Seales             25:25  

Alex Howell                 26:09

Hana Konno                26:24
Makenna Jones           27:50

Miriam Elmassry          27:55

Kenza Attallah             28:05

Makena Howell            30:28

Rachel Leonard           30:57

Emelee Schenker         31:06 (PR)

Josie Yui                       31:55 (PR)

Alexis Piazza                33:16

Kaitlyn Vong                 44:32 


Raekwon Hopkins          15:57 (PR,SR)

Ryan Winslow                 17:34 

Cameron Howe              18:23

Kevin Velazquez             18:33

Zack Kremkau                18:34 (PR)

Ian Ludlam                      18:57

Preston Cooper               19:01

Carson Vega                   19:51

Colin Duong                    20:30

Adrian Sanchez              20:33

Hudson Capps               21:35 (PR)

Partick Miller                   24:06                       

TRC Rogers Park

Sept 28, 2021


Skyler Gillett                 21:04  

Carly Henry                  22:07 (PR) 

Nathallia Mallo              22:15

Megan Seales               25:01 (PR)

Maria Ortiz                    25:18 (PR)

Alex Howell                   25:58 (PR)

Kenza Atallah                26:05 (PR)

Miriam  Elmassry           27:19 (PR)

Makenna Jones             27:20 (PR)

Hana Konno                  27:28

Makenna Howell           28:07

Rachel Leonard            28:56 (PR)

Ella McCormick             29:35

Sophia Gunnin              31:33

Josie Yiu                        32:00 (PR)

Emelee Schenker          32:12 (PR)

Alexis Piazza                 33:11

Kaitlyn Vong                  37:02 (PR)


Raekwon Hopkins          16:07

Ryan Winslow                 18:00 

Kevin Velazquez             18:02  

Ian Ludlam                      18:24 

Cameron Howe               18:38

Zack Kremkau                 18:41 (PR)

Preston Cooper               18:56

Carson Vega                    19:44 (PR)

Colin Duong                     19:47

Adrian Sanchez               19:49 (PR)

Hudson Capps                 21:41 (PR)

Patrick Miller                     23:09 (PR)

                    North Port Invite

Sept 18, 2021


Skyler Gillett              20:07 (PR)    

Nathalia Mallo           21:51     

Carly Henry               22:56    

Nicole Martochio       23:55

Ella McCormick         24:43    

Megan Seales           25:05 (PR)

Hana Konno              25:21 (PR)

Maria Ortiz                25:30 (PR)    

Kenza Attallah           26:31 (PR)

Miriam Elmassry        27:53 (PR) 

Makenna Jones         28:06 (PR)

Makenna Howell        29:22 

Rachel Lenard           31:11 (PR)

Alexis Piazza             32:44                 

Emelle Schenker       33:03

Josie Yiu                    33:29 (PR)

Hannah Tucker          35:34    

Kaitlyn Vong              44:38 (PR)  


Rakewon Hopkins      15:58 (PR, SR)

Ryan Winslow             18:04

Kevin Velazquez         18:42

Cameron Howe           18:48         

Zack Kremkau            18:51

Preston Cooper           18:51 (PR) 

Ian Ludlam                  19:09            

Finn Callaghan            19:57 

Colin Duong                20:31

Carson Vega               20:35

Adrian Sanchez          20:57 (PR)       

Hudson Capps           22:06 (PR)

Patrick Miller               25:03

Seffner Christian Invite

Sept 11, 2021



Skyler Gillett              21:21    

Nathalia Mallo           22:40     

Carly Henry               24:06    

Nicole Martochio       24:25    

Megan Seales           25:54

Alex Howell               27:22

Maria Ortiz                27:27    

Ella McCormick         27:38     

Kenza Attallah           27:44

Makenna Jones         29:26

Miriam Elmassry        29:59 

Makenna Howell        30:31 

Alexis Piazza             32:26                 

Rachel Leonard         32:39   

Emelle Schenker       32:52

Hannah Tucker          34:03    

Josie Yiu                    34:19

Caelyn Rickert           39:15                     

Kaitlyn Vong              44:52   


Rakewon Hopkins      16:37

Ryan Winslow             17:41         

Kevin Velazquez         18:32

Zack Kremkau            19:29

Ian Ludlam                  19:55            

Preston Cooper           20:24

Colin Duong                20:58

Carson Vega               21:19

Adrian Sanchez          21:27       

Hudson Capps           24:12

Patrick Miller               25:14

Florida Horse Park

Sept 4, 2021



Skyler Gillett                  21:43

Nathalia Mallo                21:49 

Carly Henry                   23:06

Nicole Martochio           23:56

Ana Sofia Theado          25:10

Megan Seales               25:35

Hana Kono                    26:38

Ella McCormick             27:14

Miriam Elmassry            28:08

Alex Howell                   29:07

Kenza Attallah               29:23

Maria Ortiz                    29:23

Makenna Howell           29:39

Makenna Jones            29:41

Alexis Piazza                31:23

Sophia Gunnin              32:51

Kaylie Marr                   33:18

Rachel Leonard            33:36

Hannah Tucker             35:54 

Emelee Schenker         36:31

Josie Yiu                       36:52

Kaitlyn Vong                 44:33 


Rakewon Hopkins     16:05 (PR,SR)

Ryan Winslow            17:57

Kevin Velazquez        18:15

Cameron Howe          18:25

Ian Ludlam                 18:28

Zack Kremkau            18:49

Preston Cooper           19:57

Carson Vega               19:59

Colin Duong                20:15

Adrian Sanchez           21:37

Hudson Capps           22:56

Patrick Miller               24:58

Babe Zaharias Invite

Aug 27, 2021


Skyler Gillett                21:02

Nathalia Mallo             22:39

Carly Henry                 23:10

Nicole Martochio         23:54

Megan Seales             25:58

Hana Konno                26:58

Kenza Attallah             27:55

Miriam Elmassry         28:12 

Alex Howell                 28:19

Makenna Howell         29:41

Makenna Jones           30:01 

Alexis Piazza               30:50

Rachel Leonard           31:26

Kaylie Marr                  33:31

Sophia Gunnin             33:34

Caelyn Rickert             TBA


Raekwon Hopkins         16:15 (PR, SR)

Ryan Winslow                17:32 (PR)

Kevin Velazquez            18:01

Ian Ludlam                     18:21

Cameron Howe              18:38 

Zack Kremkau                18:57

Preston Cooper              19:45  

Finnn Callaghan             19:51 

Colin Duong                    20:04

Adrian Sanchez              TBA

Patrick Miller                   TBA

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