.... June 22, urgent new document must be signed....

IMG_1165 (2).JPG

IMPORTANT DOCUMENT: Below is a new document the County/FHSAA has just put in place. EVERY athlete must have this signed and returned ASAP. The deadline is July 1. Any student athlete who doesn't have this signed and into the ADs office by July 1, is immediately "uncleared." Print it, have your parents sign it, AND you sign it and bring it to the team run on Wednesday. If not, scan it and email to Coach Mills immediately.

Paperwork for athletes for the 2021-2022 school year is now available. Review the following details and guidelines. We will meet after school on Thursday to handle paperwork questions and general discussions.

What do you need? All student athletes must have a COMPLETED athletic profile online AND it must be cleared by the Athletic Director in order to be able to train with the team.

Student athletes must go on to the Hillsborough County Athletics website and follow the instructions. After reading/gathering your required documents, students will then proceed to Athletic Clearance FHSAA and use the SAME username and SAME password from last season's paperwork. Remember, the following key requirements must be completed and uploaded.

  • EL2 - make sure shot record information is completed, doctors office information on the bottom of page 2 is completed, physical date is on the form. (See PDF File below)

  • 3 Videos - Heat Illness, Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

  • Pay respective Insurance fee and upload the ID card

  • Provide an ID of parent/guardian with matching address to the one on file at school

  • Proof of residence - MUST be living proof (TECO bill, water bill, CURRENT lease - student MUST be listed on lease, lease CANNOT be expired!) - property tax, voter registration card, cable and phone bill are NOT acceptable. 

  • Birth Certificate - MUST be in English.  

  • School form - Residential and Enrollment History - complete and upload under additional forms. (See PDF File Below)




Ravens 2021 Cross Country Schedule:

Aug 28 - Jim Ryun Invite (Holloway), 7 am

Sept 4 - Florida Horse Park (Ocala), 7 am

Sept. 11 - Seffner Christian Invite (Holloway), 7 am

Sept. 14 - West Hills Invite (Lake Park), 6 pm

Sept. 18 - North Port Invite (North Port HS), 7am

Sept 28 - Lake Rogers Invite (Rogers GC), 6 pm

Oct. 2 - Flrunners Invite (Holloway), 7 am

Oct. 9 - County Champs @ Mary Help, 5 pm

Oct. 16 - FSU Pre State (Tallahassee), 7 am

Oct. 19 - Spaghetti Run (Steinbrenner HS), 5 pm

Oct. 21 - Fresh/Soph Champs (Mary Help), 5 pm

Districts (TBA)

Regionals (TBA)

State Finals (TBA)

- keep in mind, the County reserves the right to switch dates.

Offseason Training: We will soon be putting out a very clear offseason program for the runners. The program will be broken down into daily mileage and total weekly mileage requirements. Regardless of where you are, get your miles. At the end of every week, your mileage will be reported to the coaching staff. There are 10 weeks of offseason training, tentatively beginning June 1.

Paperwork/Montague Drivers: Official school paperwork is not yet available. In the meantime, we will train under our AAU club team, the Montague Drivers. The Montague Drivers is the official track and field/cross country club team of the Alonso Ravens. As soon as the school paperwork is open, we will gather as a team and get it done. The possibility of limited participation at the start of the season is still very real. Therefore, we will need our club status. All returners are good until Aug.31. Newcomers need membership ASAP. The AAU membership costs $14 and our team code is WYDA5D.

Official Start: Monday, Aug 2 marks the first official day of our cross country season, and our practices will no longer be voluntary. We expect athletes to be present, unless they are sick, or engaged in the participation of another Alonso sport. Remember, this is Cross Country season. We try to be accommodating, but absences from official practice sessions are not expected, and can be problematic for the athlete.

Race Day Process: On an average, a cross country meet is divided into four races - girls varsity; boys varsity; girls JV; boys JV. Occasionally, the JV races are combined. It is the wish of the program that all Ravens get into one of those four races. However, please keep in mind, the coaching staff cannot jeopardize the safety of an athlete by running that athlete in a 3.1 mile race until the athlete is capable of doing so safely. It is an issue of safety. You have to be able to run two miles, before we put you in a three mile race.  

Morning practices: The ability to practice in the morning during the summer is very likely, and smart. The weather in Florida an be brutal for distance runners, so sessions at 7 am are very common. If showers are open when school returns, we will consider returning to a couple morning sessions per week. Stay tuned. You can expect most practices during the school year to be around 4:30 pm.  

Minimum Meet Rule: The FHSAA has not announced the minimum meet requirement rule for the 2021 season. We have to go on the premise that the five meet minimum is still in effect. Therefore, it isn't wise or competitively advantageous to miss meets. Nothing is better than competition experience. The more races you have under your belt, the stronger you are coming down the stretch.

Transportation: Obviously, we do not get buses for cross country. At this point, parents please recognize that you will have to provide transportation for your child. If you feel comfortable car pooling, then that will help. But, if you don't due to Covid considerations, we completely understand.

FlRunners over two days: This is one of the bigger races of the season, but is done on a seeded basis. When we run depends on our performances prior. So, we could run on the Friday or the Saturday, or have teams divided. It's in Lakeland so that's not too bad.

Pre-State: The Pre-State meet at FSU will be an invitational only meet for our top runners. Not all members of the team will make the trip to Tally. Your parents will be informed about the arrangements needed/hotel/transportation. Remember, we will be traveling up on Friday, staying the night, and then racing on Saturday and then heading home. We will discuss Covid protocols with the parents.

Team fees: Our $75 team fee is due by Friday Aug. 27th. The fee covers your entries for the season, your drinks and snacks at the meet, team shirt and awards at the end of the season. Travel expenses, hotels, etc... are independent and subject only to those who are on the travel squad for that particular race.

Mask rules: The Covid-19 mask protocols apply to the student athletes. Unless you want to be sent home by the administration, wear your masks in your cars when you arrive on campus. Wear your masks before engaging in athletic performance, and immediately after engaging in athletic performance. Please, attach your masks to your water bottles. There have been several complaints about athletes defying the rules "when not in direct athletic performance."

Covid-19 Protocols: Moving forward, here are some team guidelines.

  1. Be aware the virus spreads through casual contact, close proximity, expelled droplets, etc. So, create a six-foot buffer between yourself and those around you.

  2. Think about numbers, our group is relatively small, and has been together for most of the summer, but if you find yourself in gatherings larger than 20 or so, step away.

  3. The minute you are not feeling well, or suspect you are off your game, isolate yourself from your teammates, notify your parents, and then Coach Mills, immediately. The identity of a sick student-athlete is confidential, but it is the responsible thing to do to prevent outbreak.

  4. Do everything in your power to avoid large scale ride sharing in cars, at least until this calms down some.

  5. Parents are not allowed to stay on campus during workouts. Please, drop the student athlete off and leave campus. This is a contamination protocol coming from the County, not Alonso.


4A-11 Districts

Oct 27, 2020

Tabithat Suggs              20:29

Skyler Gillett                  21:23 

Nathalia Mallo               21:49  

Carly Henry                   23:12

Ella McCormick             23:42

Cheyenne Drummond   25:39

Sofia Theado                 26:20 

Nicole Martochio           26:51

Raekwon Hopkins         16:49 

Kevin Velasquez           18:28

Derek Maxfield              18:43

Ryan Winslow                19:07

Cameron Howe             19:22

Andrew Vega                 19:30       

Connor Murray              19:49

Zack Kremkau               19:51

Fresh/Soph Invite

Oct 22, 2020

Skyler Gillett                   21:36

Nathalia Mallo                21:54

Carly Henry                    23:11

Ella McCormick              24:40

Sofia Theado                  25:07  

Nicole Martochio            26:26

Kyra Howe                     29:26 

Makenna Howell            30:31   

Miriam Elmassary          33:23

Abby Southern              44:29 

Zack Kremkau               19:39

Hills County Champ

Oct 15, 2020

Skyler Gillett                 20:57 

Nathalia Mallo              21:05 

Carly Henry                  22:44

Ella McCormick            23:05

Sofia Theado                25:18 

Nicole Martochio          27:22 

Raekwon Hopkins         16:28

Derek Maxfield              18:02

Kevin Velasquez            18:55

Cameron Howe              18:59

Connor Murray               19:10

Zack Kremkau                19:42

Andrew Vega                  20:00 

LOL Gator Invite

Oct. 3, 2020

Skyler Gillett                20:45 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo             20:55 (PR)

Carly Henry                 23:14

Ella McCormick           23:26

Sofia Theado               24:44 (PR)

Nicole Martochio         25:27 (PR)

Kyra Howe                   26:10  

Makenna Howell          27:21 (PR)

Miriam Elmassry          30:30 (PR)

Ann Phan                     36:23 

Abby Southern            37:19 (PR)

Kevin Velasquez              18:03

Ryan Winslow                  18:07

Derek Maxfield                18:16 

Cameron Howe               18:53

Zack Kremkau                 19:00 

Colin Duong                    19:29

Patrick Miller                    24:12 (PR)   

West Hillsborough Invite

Sept 29, 2020

Skyler Gillett                 20:52 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo              21:19 (PR)

Carly Henry                  22:42 (PR)

Ella McCormick            23:03 (PR)

Sofia Theado                25:02 (PR)

Nicole Martochio          27:12

Makenna Howell          28:28 (PR)

Kyra Howe                   29:09 

Miriam Elmassry          31:32 (PR)

Natalee Burdette         31:52

Ann Phan                     36:01 (PR)

Keris Nordin                37:46 (PR)  

Abby Southern            39:52 (PR)

Kevin Velasquez          17:46 (PR)

Ryan Winslow              17:48 (PR)

Derek Maxfield            17:57 (PR)

Cameron Howe           18:12 (PR)

Zack Kremkau             18:53 (PR)

Andrew Vega               18:54 (PR)

Connor Murray            19:13 (PR)

Colin Duong                19:20 (PR)

Flrunners Invite

(Sept 26, 2020)

Tabitha Suggs        20:25

Skyler Gillett           21:24

Nathalia Mallo        21:51

Carly Henry            24:35

Ella McCormick      25:22

Sofia Theado          26:38

Raekwon Hopkins    16:31

Kevin Velazquez       18:43

Zak Kremkau            19:16.71

Cameron Howe         19:16.78

Ryan Winslow           19:18

Connor Murray          20:04

Colin Duong              20:11    

Leto Invitational

(Sept.22, 2020)

Sofia Theado          25:41

Nicole Martochio    26:35

Kyra Howe              27:48

Makenna Howell     28:13

Miriam Elmassry     32:32

Ann Phan                36:48

Abby Southern       38:05

Keris Nordin           41:32

Mitchell Invite

(Sept. 19, 2020)

Nathalia Mallo                   22:00

Skyler Gillett                      22:07

Carly Henry                       24:14 (PR)

Ella McCormick                 25:22

Cheyenne Drummond       25:32  

Kyra Howe                         26:23

Sofia Theado                      28:34

Nicole Martochio                29:49

Makenna Howell                 30:45

Amy Eichler                        31:43

Natalee Burdette                34:08

Miriam Elmassry                34:19

Abby Southern                   42:49

Raekwon Hopkins            17:00

Kevin Velasquez              18:27 

Derek Maxfield                 19:38

Andrew Vega                    19:41

Cameron Howe                 20:04                Ryan Winslow                   20:08  

Connor Murray                  20:12

Zack Kremkau                  20:13

Colin Duong                      20:26

Andrew Buitrago               21:29

Connor Caravella              25:24

North Port Invite

(Sept 12, 2020)

Tabitha Suggs             19:11 (PR, SR)

Skyler Gillett                 20:54 (PR) 

Nathalia Mallo              21:23 (PR)  

Carlson Henry              24:17 (PR)

Cheyenne Drummond  24:18 (PR)

Ella McCormick            25:22 (PR)

Sofia Theado                26:08 (PR)

Nicole Martochio          26:37 (PR) 

Makenna Howell          30:00 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       16:23 (PR)

Ryan Winslow              18:02 (PR)  

Kevin Velasquez          18:21

Cameron Howe            18:51

Derek Maxfield             18:54

Andrew Vega                18:57

Connor Murray             19:10 (PR)

Colin Duong                 19:32 (PR)

Zack Kremkau              19:51 (PR) 

Andrew Buitrago           21:05 (PR) 

4A Region2

(Nov. 2, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs           19:48 (PR)

Gabbi Santeiro          21:32 (PR)

Skyler Gillette            22:25 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo           23:22

Jasmine Valle            23:52

Nicole Martochio       26:25 (PR)

Natalee Burdette       29:44

Raekwon Hopkins     16:27 (PR)

Kevin Velazquez        18:21 (PR)

Andrew Vega             18:46

Cameron Howe          18:58

Ryan Winslow            19:14

Hunter King                20:10

Zack Kremkau            20:16 (PR)  


4A District 3

(Oct. 22, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs               20:18 (PR)

Gabbie Santeiro            21:32 

Jasmine Valle                21:44 

Nathalia Mallo               22:26 (PR)

Skyler Gillett                  22:30 (PR)

Nicole Martocchio        26:39 (PR)

Natalee Burdette          29:23  

Emma Coyne                31:15

Raekwon Hopkins                 16:52 (PR)

Kevin Velasquez                   18:33

Cameron Howe                     18:38 (PR)

Andrew Vega                         18:38 (PR)

Ryan Winslow                        19:06

Hunter King                           19:50

Zack Kremkau                       20:35 (PR)

Connor Murray                      21:02

Colin Duong                         22:51 (PR)

Hillsborough County Championships

(Oct. 15, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs                20:28

Gabbi Santeiro               21:53 

Skyler Gillett                   22:32 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo                23:48

Nicole Martocchio          28:17 (PR) 

Natalee Burdette            28:18 (PR)

Emma Coyne                 28:48

Raekwon Hopkins          17:04  

Cameron Howe              18:56 (PR)

Connor Murray               19:15 (PR)

Andrew Vega                  19:21

Hunter King                     19:36 (PR)

Zack Kremkau                 20:51

Colin Duong                    23:30 (PR)

FSU Invite

(Oct.12, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs          20:35

Jasmine Valle           21:41

Gabbi Santeiro         21:51  

Skyler Gillett             22:50 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo          23:47 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       17:23

Kevin Velazquez          18:28       

Andrew Vega                 19:12 (PR)

Cameron Howe            19:21 (PR)

Ryan Winslow               19:41

Hunter King                  21:08

Wharton/USF Invite

(Oct 5, 2019)


Tabitha Suggs            20:28 (PR)

Jasmine Valle             21:54    

Gabbi Santeiro           22:56

Skyler Gillett               24:33  

Natalia Mallo              24:40 (PR) 

Nicole Martocchio     30:04 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       18:06  

Kevin Velasquez          18:56

Ryan Winslow              19:06 (PR)

Andrew Vega               19:19 (PR) 

Cameron Howe            19:29 (PR)

Connor Murray             19:51 (PR)

Zack Kremkau              20:26 (PR)

Colin Duong                 23:44 (PR)

Freshman/Sophomore Meet

(Oct. 3, 2019)


Nicole Martocchio        32:15 (PR)

Natalee Burdette          32:22

Raekwon Hopkins        18:54 

Zack Kremkau              21:46 

Colin Duong                 25:12 

Leto Invite

(Sept. 24, 2019)


Skyler Gillett                23:04 (PR)

Natalia Mallo               25:07 (PR)

Amy Eichler                 30:16 (PR)

Nicole Martocchio       32:04      

Natalee Burdette         33:17 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       19:37   

Zack Kremkau             21:04 (PR)

Colin Duong                26:53 

Mitchel Invite

(Sept. 21, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs           22:02

Jasmine Valle            22:44 

Gabbi Santeiro          23:33

Skyler Gillett              25:22 

Natalia Mallo             26:15

Emma Coyne            27:08

Amy Eichler               33:17  

Nicole Martocchio     31:03 (PR)

Natalee Burdette        37:41

Kevin Velasquez        19:45

Ryan Winslow            19:52

Andrew Vega              20:25 

Connor Murray           20:38 (PR)

Cameron Howe          20:39 

Hunter King                21:32  

Zack Kremkau            21:42 (PR)

West Hillsborough Invite

(Sept. 17, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs                    21:01              

Gabbie Santeiro                  22:05

Jasmine Vallle                     22:10

Emma Coyne                      26:50

Amy Eichler                         32:33 (PR)

Nicole Martocchio               32:34 

Kevin Velasquez                  19:02

Andrew Vega                       19:21 

Ryan Winslow                      19:44 

Cameron Howe                    20:20

Hunter King                          20:43

Connor Murray                     20:56

Zack Kremkau                      22:32 (PR)

Colin Duong                         25:55 (PR)

Seffner Invitational

(Sept 14, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs                   21:17

Jasmine Valle                    22:19

Gabbi Santeiro                 22:39

Emma Coyne                    28:09

Amy Eichler                      34:04


Kevin Velasquez             19:11

Ryan Winslow                  19:31

Andrew Vega                   19:34

Connor Murray                 21:03

Cameron Howe                21:04

Zack Kremkau                 22:14 

Colin Duong                     26:55