Ravens hoping for some Seminole Magic

Alonso will take a squad of five girls and seven boys to Tallahassee for the FSU Pre-State Invitational, one of the most competitive events prior to the County and District meets later in October. The Ravens will leave mid-day Friday and spend the night in the state capital before the early morning race. Girls - Tabitha Suggs, Jasmine Valle, Gabbi Santeiro, Skyler Gillett, Nathalia Mallo. Boys - Raekwon Hopkins, Kevin Velasquez, Ryan Winslow, Andrew Vega, Cameron Howe, Hunter King.  

Points of Emphasis entering the season

Here are a few important points of emphasis as we enter the final weeks of summer and get set for the upcoming season.


Proper shoes: Cross country runners need good shoes. Please make sure you have a good pair of running shoes, with solid ankle support. Ankle, knee, lower back, hip and shin splint issues commonly arise because of poor shoes.


Stay Hydrated: Hydration is critical and does not start the morning of a workout or a race. Please, please, please, begin your hydration 24-hours BEFORE you are scheduled to go for a run.


Watch the weather: It is the directive of the coaching staff that practices will be held at times where the danger of heat exhaustion is minimized. Therefore, we recommend those of you running on your own try to do so in the early morning or late afternoon. Running during the hottest times of the day is NOT the recommendation of the coaching staff and far too risky. DO NOT DO IT! Similarly, we will not be training in any weather that puts athletes at risk. If there's potential lightning, for instance, DO NOT go for a run.


Summer time is XC time: Sorry, but cross country is a fall sport, which means preseason conditioning is during the summer. If you are enrolled in a fall sport, then you are expected to respect the value of preseason conditioning, and dedicate time during the summer to get your mileage. This is what you signed up for. Our other fall sports – like football and cheerleading - have been conditioning all summer long.

Mandatory practices soon: The first day of mandatory cross-country practice is Monday, July 29th. It would be counter-productive to success if athletes assume that they can start training on that day. We likely will have double session practices that Monday, one practice on Tuesday (July 30), double sessions on Wednesday (July 31st) to start that week. That's a hectic start and your conditioning will be evaluated, in other words you will be expected to be in shape. Also, attendance will be taken and no student athlete without complete clearance from the county will be allowed to practice. If you don’t practice, you don’t compete.


Around the corner: There are 33 days until our season opener – the West Hillsborough Invitational. That is not a lot of time. We would be risking potential injury problems by allowing athletes who have not put in a reasonable body of preseason conditioning to participate in the opening meets.


No tryouts: We do not have tryouts in the traditional sense, since all Ravens are welcome to be a part of the team. But, based on conditioning levels through the first few weeks of the season, the coaching staff will determine whether a student athlete is prepared for the season opener or not. Athletes, whether new or returners, who are not yet ready WILL NOT RUN in any varsity/junior varsity race until they have put in sufficient work.

Paperwork: This was never a frivolous issue, but it is under maximum scrutiny now. ALL paperwork must be completed on line. ALL. If your name is not cleared on Home Campus, which is the County’s and State’s vetting system, you are NOT ALLOWED to participate in any team related activity, such as but not limited to team runs during the week, team runs on a Saturday morning, potential participation in camps. As of today (July 18, there are six girls and nine boys cleared to participate). That number is somewhat surprising.



Roger Mills

Sarah Hartman

Catherine Sholtez

Ravens XC Coaching Staff

Ravens 2019 Cross Country Season training underway! 

The preparation for the Ravens 2019 cross country season is already underway, as returners have started their mileage build up. Below is the training schedule for the month of June. Keep in mind, if you are a beginning runner, it is wise to take it easy and build up to these marks. It will take a steady commitment to improving your fitness level first, then your competitive speed second.... Please be advised that this is one of the most competitive districts in cross country and waiting until our first official day of regular season practice (July 29th) to get in shape is not in your best interest. Cross country is a fall sport, so our preseason preparation is in the summer....  Be aware of the heat. Make sure you are hydrating appropriately, and running at times when the temperatures are favorable... Team runs are part of our schedule, but no one can be a part of the team run without all athletic paperwork complete. We will be scheduling team runs once or twice a week from the middle of June. We expect all athletes who are in town and paperworked to be a part of our team runs.

Less then 48 hours after the completion of the track and field season, attention had to be turned to the 2019 cross country campaign. On Monday, May 6, county coaches put in place the 2019 schedule and the Ravens will have their hands full. The first day of official cross country practice is Monday Aug 29th, and the Ravens will have two practices on that day. ALL athletes are expected to be in attendance for the start of the season. The Ravens will participate in the Watermelon Run,  a pre-season meet hosted by Sickles, before opening the season at the West Hillsborough Invitational hosted by Sickles at a site to be determined. The 2019 schedule features some of the regular destinations, but there are some new venues. Alonso will participate in the Florida Horse Park Invite in Ocala, the Wharton/USF Invite at USF, and will travel to FSU for the FSU Pre-State meet. The 2019 Districts will be held between Oct.21-26, with the Regionals on November 2 at Lake Region High School. States will be at Apalachee State Park in Tallahassee

2019 XC Schedule



8/24 - Jim Ryun @ Holloway Park, 8 am

8/31 - Lecanto Invitational @ Lecanto HS, 8 am

9/7-  Florida Horse Park Invite @ Ocala, 8 am

9/14 - Seffner Christian @ Holloway Prk, 8 am

9/17 - West Hillsborough Invite @ Al Lopez 6 pm

9/21 - Mitchell Invite, @ Starkey Park, 8 am

9/24 - Leto Invitational @ Leto HS, 5 pm

10/3 -  Fresh/Soph @ MArly Help Center, 5 pm

10/5 -  USF/Wharton Invite, 8 am

10/12 - FSU Invitational @ Tallahassee (TBA)

10/15 - County Championships @ Al Lopez, 5 pm

10/17 - Spaghetti Run @ Leto 5 pm

10/21-26 - 4A Districts (TBA)

11/2 - 4A Regionals, Lake Region HS (TBA)

11/9 - State Finals @ Tallahhassee

Welcome To the 2019 Season.

The 2019 Cross Country season gets underway on Mon. July 29 with our first practice at Alonso at 6:30 am. This is an exciting new season, as we welcome a number of athletes new to Alonso, and a few new to cross country. 

We have a fantastic core of returning competitors from last year and they have worked tremendously hard during the offseason, which includes the attendance at the camp at FSU. Spirits could not be better and expectations could not be higher.

Most of the key details surrounding the 2019 season will be communicated to the team during the grueling summer workouts, but it is important to call attention to a few key items as we get underway.

Schedule: The 2019 schedule was put in place the second week of May (2019) and has been posted on our website ever since. Please pay close attention to our meets and understand that it is the responsibility of the athlete to be aware of the schedule and to be there. No athlete can say they did not know about a meet. Make your plans with the schedule in mind.

Practice Schedule: The practice schedule for the first official week has not been finalized. But, in the past they have looked like this: Mon. July 29 @ 6:30 am; Tues. July 30 @ 6:30 pm; Wed. July 31 @ 7:00 am and @ 6:30 pm; Thurs. Aug 1 @ 6:30 pm; Friday Aug. 2 @ 6:30 am and @ 6:30 pm; Sat. Aug 3 @ 7 am @ Ballyhoos.

Transportation: The county transportation for cross country is not an option, so ALL athletes are responsible for their rides to meets. Please note that we have meets in far away locations. Car pooling is a great idea but cannot be done the night before. Planning for transportation is critical.

Morning Practices: It should come as no surprise to the team that we will be having morning practices now that school will be starting an hour later. The morning practices – at this point two a week – are in place to utilize the cooler morning air and to provide students with time in the afternoon to go home early, get rest and homework done. The morning practices are key workouts and will begin at 6:20 am, until late sunrises become an issue.


Attendance: Practices are not optional; they are mandatory. Far too often student athletes find reasons to miss practice and that habit will not be encouraged or tolerated. Everyone has homework, everyone has responsibilities. But, you have made a commitment to be a part of the team and we expect that commitment to be kept. Roll will be taken EVERY DAY. In keeping with the county’s attendance guidelines, the cross country program implements similar guidelines and consequences. After two unexcused absences, the student athlete is given an “attendance warning.” After four absences, excused or not, the coaching staff reserves the right to suspend the athlete for one or more meets. Repeated absences will lead to termination from the program.


Other commitments: This is Planet Raven, and our concerns are for Alonso. The cross country program makes no accommodations for non-Alonso activities, other clubs sports or jobs. Again, if you are a member of the band, or are on the volleyball or swimming team, we can work with you. Outside of that, the expectation is that you DO NOT MISS our practices.

Friday Night Lights: Remember, the bulk of our meets are Saturday mornings, which means Friday nights are time for rest. Your are STRONGLY encouraged to go to the football games, but you are NOT encouraged to be on your feet all night, if you have a race the next day. Stay off your feet.

School Work: All members of the cross country program are expected to maintain the highest academic standards. The coaching staff has access to your grades and they will be monitored on a weekly basis. Any team member with an F will not be allowed to practice or compete. Any team member with a D will be placed on “Program Probation,” which essentially means we will send them home until they move the grade up.

Team Fee/Team Meeting: There is a mandatory $75 team fee to participate in cross country. There are no exceptions. The team fee goes to the meet entry costs, the water, Gatorade and snacks provided, the team shirt and the end of year awards night. The mandatory parent meeting will be on Friday, Aug. 17th  at 6:30 pm, and we expect at least one parent/guardian to be in attendance.

4A District 3

(Oct. 22, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs               20:18 (PR)

Gabbie Santeiro            21:32 

Jasmine Valle                21:44 

Nathalia Mallo               22:26 (PR)

Skyler Gillett                  22:30 (PR)

Nicole Martocchio        26:39 (PR)

Natalee Burdette          29:23  

Emma Coyne                31:15

Raekwon Hopkins                 16:52 (PR)

Kevin Velasquez                   18:33

Cameron Howe                     18:38 (PR)

Andrew Vega                         18:38 (PR)

Ryan Winslow                        19:06

Hunter King                           19:50

Zack Kremkau                       20:35 (PR)

Connor Murray                      21:02

Colind Duong                        22:51 (PR)

Hillsborough County Championships

(Oct. 15, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs                20:28

Gabbi Santeiro               21:53 

Skyler Gillett                   22:32 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo                23:48

Nicole Martocchio          28:17 (PR) 

Natalee Burdette            28:18 (PR)

Emma Coyne                 28:48

Raekwon Hopkins          17:04  

Cameron Howe              18:56 (PR)

Connor Murray               19:15 (PR)

Andrew Vega                  19:21

Hunter King                     19:36 (PR)

Zack Kremkau                 20:51

Colin Duong                    23:30 (PR)

FSU Invite

(Oct.12, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs          20:35

Jasmine Valle           21:41

Gabbi Santeiro         21:51  

Skyler Gillett             22:50 (PR)

Nathalia Mallo          23:47 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       17:23

Kevin Velazquez          18:28       

Andrew Vega                 19:12 (PR)

Cameron Howe            19:21 (PR)

Ryan Winslow               19:41

Hunter King                  21:08

Wharton/USF Invite

(Oct 5, 2019)


Tabitha Suggs            20:28 (PR)

Jasmine Valle             21:54    

Gabbi Santeiro           22:56

Skyler Gillett               24:33  

Natalia Mallo              24:40 (PR) 

Nicole Martocchio     30:04 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       18:06  

Kevin Velasquez          18:56

Ryan Winslow              19:06 (PR)

Andrew Vega               19:19 (PR) 

Cameron Howe            19:29 (PR)

Connor Murray             19:51 (PR)

Zack Kremkau              20:26 (PR)

Colin Duong                 23:44 (PR)

Freshman/Sophomore Meet

(Oct. 3, 2019)


Nicole Martocchio        32:15 (PR)

Natalee Burdette          32:22

Raekwon Hopkins        18:54 

Zack Kremkau              21:46 

Colin Duong                 25:12 

Leto Invite

(Sept. 24, 2019)


Skyler Gillett                23:04 (PR)

Natalia Mallo               25:07 (PR)

Amy Eichler                 30:16 (PR)

Nicole Martocchio       32:04      

Natalee Burdette         33:17 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins       19:37   

Zack Kremkau             21:04 (PR)

Colin Duong                26:53 

Mitchel Invite

(Sept. 21, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs           22:02

Jasmine Valle            22:44 

Gabbi Santeiro          23:33

Skyler Gillett              25:22 

Natalia Mallo             26:15

Emma Coyne            27:08

Amy Eichler               33:17  

Nicole Martocchio     31:03 (PR)

Natalee Burdette        37:41

Kevin Velasquez        19:45

Ryan Winslow            19:52

Andrew Vega              20:25 

Connor Murray           20:38 (PR)

Cameron Howe          20:39 

Hunter King                21:32  

Zack Kremkau            21:42 (PR)

West Hillsborough Invite

(Sept. 17, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs                    21:01              

Gabbie Santeiro                  22:05

Jasmine Vallle                     22:10

Emma Coyne                      26:50

Amy Eichler                         32:33 (PR)

Nicole Martocchio               32:34 

Kevin Velasquez                  19:02

Andrew Vega                       19:21 

Ryan Winslow                      19:44 

Cameron Howe                    20:20

Hunter King                          20:43

Connor Murray                     20:56

Zack Kremkau                      22:32 (PR)

Colin Duong                         25:55 (PR)

Seffner Invitational

(Sept 14, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs                   21:17

Jasmine Valle                    22:19

Gabbi Santeiro                 22:39

Emma Coyne                    28:09

Amy Eichler                      34:04


Kevin Velasquez             19:11

Ryan Winslow                  19:31

Andrew Vega                   19:34

Connor Murray                 21:03

Cameron Howe                21:04

Zack Kremkau                 22:14 

Colin Duong                     26:55

Florida Horse Park Invite

(Sept.7, 2019)

Tabitha Suggs             20:30 (PR)

Jasmine Valle              21:25

Gabbi Santiro              21:55

Skyler Gillett                23:46 (PR)

Emma Coyne              29:00

Abbie Kohler               31:34 

Nicole Martocchio       32:25 (PR)   


Kevin Velasquez          18:25 (PR)

Andrew Vega               19:29

Hunter King                 19:50

Ryan Winslow              19:52 (PR)

Cameron Howe            20:14  (PR)

Connor Murray             20:57 (PR)

Zach Kremkau              22:19 (PR)         

Colin Duong                 26:19 (PR)

Lecanto Invite

(Aug. 31, 2019)

Tabby Suggs              21:06  

Jasmine Valle             21:59 

Gabbi Santeiro           23:30 

Skyler Gillett               24:41

Abbi Kohler                29:52

Amy Eichler                34:09 

Nicole Martocchio      35:53

Kevin Velasquez            19:55

Ryan Winslow                 20:06

Andrew Vega                  20:24

Hunter King                    20:38

Cameron Howe               20:46 (PR)

Zach Kremkau                22:40

Colin Duong                   27:50

Jim Ryun Invite

(Aug. 24, 2019)

Tabby Suggs              21:54

Jasmine Valle              22:24 

Skyler Gillett                25:08

Abbi Kohler                 33:14    

Raekwon Hopkins       17:21 

Kevin Velasquez         19:56

Andrew Vega               20:08  

Ryan Winslow              20:33 

Cameron Howe           21:52          

Connor Murray            22:07

Zack Kremkau             24:42   

Colin Duong                30:04 

4A-6 Districts

(Oct.23, 2018)

Gabbi Santeiro             20:12 (PR) 

Jasmine Valle                20:53 (PR)

Katie Sexton                  22:42 (PR)
Rachel Johnson             23:38

Valentina Cortes            23:40 (PR)

Isansa Bonga                25:10 (PR)

Emma Coyne                 25:24 (PR)

Nicole Johnson              25:25 (PR)

Alyssa Roberts              (TBA)

Maya Ashley                  (DNF)

Yonas Sauers                16:19 (PR)

Raekwon Hopkins         16:55 (PR)

Bailey Nichols               18:40 (PR)

Grant Wheeler               19:35 (PR) 

Hunter King                   19:47 (PR)

Ethan Miller                   19:53 (PR)

Cameron Howe             21:25 (PR)

Christian Sweeney        22:25  (PR) 

John Norberto               22:40 (PR)

Ryan Over                     23:32 (PR)

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