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Planet Smoothie makes a sponsorship donation to the Cross Country program.

With its West Hillsborough franchise less than a mile from campus, Planet Smoothie has been a regular stop for Raven athletes, and particularly our distance runners, over the past few years. Now, the company is giving back to Alonso.

In late July, Planet Smoothie became the third local business to make a donation to the 2023 Ravens girls and boys cross country teams. The generous donation is designated to help the program with yearly operational costs. Franchise owner Marc Castellana made a check presentation to members of the cross country team on July 26.

"We cannot overstate how grateful we are for Marc and Planet Smoothie for their donation to our pogram," Ravens Cross Country head coach Roger Mills said. "We feel fortunate that community wants to support our student athletes.

The donation by Planet Smoothie brings to three the number of local businesses who have provided support to the Ravens Cross Country program over the summer. Earlier in July, the team announced generous sponsorhip donations from Suncoast Breeze AC and Heating Ltd, along with KCF Realtor. These donations will help offset the yearly operational expenses.

"What these local business entities have done is honor their pledge to helping the kids, the future, of our community, " Mills said. "As well, they have acknowledged the efforts of the student athletes in our program, as well as those of the entire Alonso community. We are deeply grateful for their generocity."

The financial assistance will help the program pay travel expenses, purchase drinks, snacks and additional team expenses like cooling tents.

Welcome to the Ravens 2023 Cross Country Season

2023 Cross Country Schedule

Aug 25 - Babe Zaharius Invite 5 pm

Sept 2 - Florida Horse Park Invite, Ocala, 7 am

Sept 9 - Seffner Christian Invite, Lakeland, 7 am

Sept 13 - West Hills Invite, Tampa Sports Complex, 5 pm

Sept 23 - North Port Invitte, Port Charlotte, 7 am

Sept 30 - FSU Pre- States, Tally, 7 am

Oct 7 - Flrunners Invite, Lakeland, 7 am

Oct 11 - Fresh/Sopho Championships, Mary Help Center, 5 pm

Oct 17 - County Championships, Mary Help Center, 5 pm

Oct 25 - Spaghetti Run, Senior Night, Sickles HS, 5 pm

Oct 31 - Districts @ 8am, @ TBA

Nov 8-11 - Regionals TBA

Nov 17 - State Finals, Tally.


North Port Invitational

Sept 23, 2023


Isabella Quinlan             20:58 (PR)

Emma Carothers            21:16 (PR)

Maria Ortiz                     21:59 

Anneka deVries              22:14 (PR)

Carly Henry                    22:50

Megan Seales                23:16

Kailey Hardee                23:55 (PR)

Alex Howell                    24:08

Vera Ritzenthaler            24:49 (PR)

Rachel Leonard              25:02

Emelee Schenker           25:34

Ellison deVries                26:26 (PR)

Ruby Martinez                26:33 (PR)

Ella Richardson              27:32 (PR)

Mia Hardee                    28:50

Isabella Freeman           30:15

Alizee Grazier                31:02 


Preston Cooper            16:31 (PR)

Cooper Geib                18:17 (PR)

Aiden Tran                    18:33 (PR)

Hazen Pollard              18:42 (PR)

Alex Hansen                 18:47 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez           19:13

Luke Walguarney         19:45

Michael Martinez          20:25 (PR)

Samuel Freeman          22:28 (PR)

Julian Fisher                 22:46 (PR)

Mason Bobrovetski      24:08 (PR)

Ethan Fisher                 24:54

Camilo Garcia              26:42


West Hillsborough Invitational

Sept 13, 2023 Silver Dollar GC


Emma Carothers               22:41

Carly Henry                       23:20

Maria Ortiz                        23:37 

Isabella Quinlan               23:44

Anneka deVries                23:54

Alex Howell                      25:15

Megan Seales                  25:52

Vera Ritzenthaler              27:03

Ellison deVries                  27:09

Isabella Freeman              27:39

Rachel Leonard                27:44

Summer Kresge                28:19

Ruby Martinez                   28:45.1

Emelee Schenker              28:45.7

Ella Richardson                 30:39

Mia Hardee                       32:34

Alizee Grazier                   42:37


Preston Cooper                 17:42

Cooper Geib                     18:54 (PR)

Alex Hansen                      19:22

Hazen Pollard                    20:03

Adrian Sanchez                 20:11

Aiden Tran                         20:28

Luke Walguarney              20:44

Michael Martinez              21:32

John Zewel                       22:59

Ethan Fisher                     23:22

Samuel Freeman              23:34 (PR)

Julian Fisher                     23:43 

Camilo Garcia                  25:51

Seffner Christian Invite

Sept. 9, 2023 Holloway Park


Isabella Qunlan           21:48

Emma Carothers         23:15

Maria Ortiz                   23:23 

Anneka Devries           23:30 (PR)

Carly Henry                  23:50

Megan Seales              24:17

Alex Howell                  25:01

Kailey Hardee              25:41

Vera Ritzenthaler          26:51

Ellison Devries             27:18

Rachel Leonard           28:34

Ruby Martinez             28:40 (PR)

Ella Richardson           29:24

Isabella Freeman         29:33

Mia Hardee                  31:00

Alizee Grazier             31:07


Preston Cooper            17:32

Adrian Sanchez           19:07

Cooper Geib                19:18

Aiden Tran                    19:32

Alex Hansen                 19:36

Hazen Pollard               20:04 

Luke Walguarney         20:13

John Zewel                   22:24 

Michael Martinez          22:25

Samuel Freeeman        23:50

Camillo Garcia              24:40 (PR)

Florida Horsepark Invite

Sept 2, 2023


Isabella Quinlan               21:45   

Emma Carothers              22:22

Maria Ortiz                       22:38

Megan Seales                  23:30

Anneka deVries                23:43

Carly Henry                      24:16 

Kailey Hardee                  24:24

Emelee Schenker            25:37

Rachel Leonard               25:51

Vera Ritzenthaler             25:53

Ellison DeVries                26:45

Isabella Freeman            26:47

Summer Kresge              27:49

Mia Hardee                     29:09

Ella Richardson              29:20

Ruby Martinez                29:26

Alizee Grazier                 32:55


Preston Cooper              17:06

Adrian Sanchez              18:53

Alex Hansen                   19:12

Cooper Geib                   19:23

Aiden Tran                       19:32

Luke Walguarney            19:58

Michael Martinez             21:18

John Zewell                     22:40

Julian Fisher                    23:10

Samuel Freeman             24:23

Camilo Garcia                 25:31

Mason Bobrovetski         26:15 

Babe Zaharias Twilght Challenge

Aug 25, 2023


Emma Carothers           23:07

Carly Henry                   23:26

Isabella Quinlan            23:43

Megan Seales               24:38

Anneka deVries             26:15

Summer Kresge            26:35

Kailey Hardee               26:45

Vera Ritzenthlaer           26:43

Alex Howell                    27:47

Isabella Freeman           27:52

Rachel Leonard             28:01

Emelee Schenker          28:34

Mia Hardee                   28:39

Makenna Jones            28:59

Ruby Martinez              29:38

Alizee Grazier               30:53

Ella Richardson            32:56

Ellison deVries              33:03 


Preston Cooper             18:40  

Adrian Sanchez             19:14

Cooper Gieb                  19:18

Alex Hansen                  19:33

Hazen Pollard                19:37

Luke Walguarney           21:59

Michael Martinez           22:48

John Zewell                   23:08

Julian Fisher                  23:17

Camillo Garcia              25:19

Mason Bobrovetski       26:17    

Rule V2023: The Ravens Cross Country/Track and Field program has made official RuleV2023, making a standard expectation of sports a formal law. Rule V2023 states as follows: "During the regular season, ALL athletes who wish to compete for the Ravens MUST practice with fidelity with the Alonso XC/TnF program. From the first day of the regular season, practices with private coaches, clubs coaches and on your own, are only acceptable AFTER student athletes fulfill their Alonso practice commitments. A student athlete who fails to practice with fidelity with the team will not be allowed to compete." 

Upcoming season details

Alonso's 2023 Cross Country season eargerly awaits the return of former Ravens and welcomes all the new Ravens into our family. The successes of recent years have left us thirsting for more and we enter the new campaign determined to build on those successes. 


As such, we will begin training Monday, June 5. All official practices start promptly at 7 am, so we ask that you meet at 6:45 am. Practice time will be 7-8:30 am. Please read the following guidelines and be ready to go as soon as possible.

Coach Roger Mills is the head coach of the Boys and Girls programs and can reached either at or on 813-810-8815.

Feel free to reach him at any point. Assitant Coach Kayla Skelton returns to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program.

Paperwork: Paperwork is the most significant hurdle. For Hillsborough County, the rules are not subject to interpretation: ALL athletes must be completely cleared before they can participate in workouts, practices, weightroom sessions or events. No exceptions. The paperwork is comprehensive and takes time. The paperwork portal opened on May 15. The link below will take you directly to Hillsborough County's athletic website. Please, carefully follow the directions to fill out the on-line paperwork.

The following link takes you to the online system onto which your documents will be uploaded. All returners already have an account. Newcomers will have to create a new one.

Please note: There are a few key steps to being cleared quickly.

a. Students must have a current physical on the NEW EL2 form. This form is different from the one used the last decade. Please print a copy of the new form and take it with you to the doctor. Remember, physicals are good for one calendar year, and MUST BE SIGNED, STAMPED and DATED to be accepted.

b. Students MUST watch all three of the safety videos and then upload the certs to their athletic clearance profile. Certs MUST BE DATED AFTER MAY 15th.

c. Students MUST purchase $30 of insurance for the season through the County's insurance plan. If you plan on playing other sports, that may go up. See the link below.

d. Students MUST make sure ALL digital and actual signatures are in place, and ALL uploads are complete before submitting.

e. ALL Cross Country athletes are expected to participate in track and field. Please make sure you sign up for track and field, and any other sport you wish to participate in, when completing your paperwork for the first time.

f. A common cause for paperwork denial is when parents driver's licence IDs don't match what's on your student documentation. Another is the failure to complete the Residence Enrollment Form. Please pay attention to those two details. Make sure these are both accurate.

When are practices: In the summer, many practice sessions will be very early in the morning, 6:45 am, to avoid heat issues. We will meet at least twice a week as a team. If you are in town, and cleared, you are expected to participate in the team runs, weightroom sessions, etc. Once school starts in the fall, we adjust practice times. Please note, routinely cross country practices early in the morning (6-7:30 am), then the athletes take a shower on campus and head to class. This is done to avoid the after school heat. We do also practice in the afternoon, but it is commonly around 6:15 pm.

Where are practices: In the summer, practices roll from one venue to the next. Since this is Cross Country, we do the bulk of our work in local parks and off-road areas. Phillipe Park, Lake Park, Al Lopez Park, Upper Tampa Bay Park, the Upper Tampa Bay trail from Ballyhoos to Alonso, to name a few. We will do our speed work on the track and our weightroom work on campus. It is important to note that practices during the off-season (and pre-season) are voluntary. Practices during the regular season are mandatory. The expectation of being an athlete, being part of a team, is the participation in practices, meets and team events.

New Ravens: It has been so awesome to see all these new Ravens joining our program. We welcome you all, and promise that there will be an opportunity for all to compete and get better. Patience will be the key. Some of you may have not run a 5K race before, so we will be careful in our preparation. It is likely that some of the very new runners, particularfly those who did not participate in the summer conditioning program, will not make their debut in the first race, nor even the second. This is a precautionary measure. We have to make sure you are able to handle the 3.1 miles (some of which is in remote wooded areas) before we put you in a race. 

Racing Updates: Here are some preliminary racing updates for those of you knew to the program.

a. Racers are expected to be at the venue ONE HOUR before the race. That is standard procedure in our sport. You have to get your chips or bibs, warm up and report to the start. Bibs/chips will be distributed at the team camp, our new blue/gold tent and our new blue/gold flag should help with location. Non competitors are expected to be at the race supporting their teammates. ALL members of the team (whether competing or not) are expected to be there.

b. Not everyone will run in every meet. There may be some of you nursing an injury and others not yet ready to complete a 5K. It would be irresponsible of the program to place you in the event if you are injured or cannot complete the race safely. 

Seeding: Who will compete at varsity or junior varsity will be flexible per week. In fact, there is likely to be some movement between spots. Keep in mind, here are the determing factors for positional seeding: performance, attendance/effort, seniority, injuries/health, and preparedness. It is not the common practice of the program to allow student athletes to compete in a 3.1-mile race if they cannot complete a 2-mile time trial. 

ROYO: ROYO is an acronym for "Run on Your Own." This is a common designation for offseason distance workouts since many of you will be traveling. ROYO's are not team events, but commonly feature a group of athletes getting together to go for a run. Coaches do not attend ROYOs. There are very few ROYOs once the season starts. However, you miss practice, you may wish to pick up your workout around a neighborhood park.


Strava: Strava is a free running app that allows athletes/coaches to track their mileage and performance. We will be keeping tabs on the athletes during the off-season and regular season via Strava. It is the directive of the coaching staff that ALL runners download Strava to their phones or watches so we can monitor progress. This is not an option.

Benchmark runs: At the end of the track season, we conducted a 2-mile "benchmark" for the returners who were still competing in track. We will have another "benchmark" in late June and that will be followed by a 2.5-mile benchmark in early August. The exact dates will be announced later. The benchmark runs are evalution requirements to be part of the team. If you are absent or on vacation for a benchmark, no problem, you will run it immediately upon your return. 

Communication: We expect that things come up, but if you simply don't show for something, don't communicate or don't call, that is in poor taste. It also sets a bad precedent for your adult life. Each of you has a phone, send Coach Mills a message if you can't make something. Nothing is more problematic than the failure to communicate.

Tryouts: The Ravens XC program’s long-standing policy not to cut athletes due to running level remains in place. We do not have tryouts in the traditional sense. We do have Benchmark runs and Time Trials which will be used to seed our runners, but EVERYONE who practices routinely, gets to compete when they are ready to do so. The top five, seven or ten (depending on the race) will compete in the varsity race, all others will compete in the JV race. Most meets run a girls varsity, a boys varsity, and then the JV races, in that order. Sometimes, the boys and girls JV races are combined.

Transportation: Remember, we have no buses for transportation. All transportation is the responsibility of parents and athletes. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF A MEET to scamper for transportation to the venue. It is your responsibility to arrange your transportation. Meet us at the venue.

Team Fee: There is a $100 team fee associated with the cross-country season. It is due on Aug 16. The team fee covers the entries costs, snacks, drinks, additional equipment costs and your team shirt. EVERYONE has to pay. There are discount accommodations for siblings. There are additional costs when we travel to Tallahassee for Pre-State meet and potential Regionals and States. Those will be discussed closer to that time.


2022 Season Results

4A Region 2

Oct 29, 2022

Skyler Gillett                  20:18

Natahlia Mallo               20:31

Maria Ortiz                    21:15 

Isabella Quinlan            22:02

Carlson Henry               22:24

Megan Seales               22:33

Ryan Winslow              17:51

Preston Cooper           17:53

4A District 3

Oct 20, 2022

Skyler Gillett                  19:32

Nathalia Mallo                20:14 (PR)

Maria Ortiz                     20:40 (PR)

Isabella Quinlan             21:40 (PR)

Alex Howell                    21:58 (PR)

Megan Seales                21:59 (PR)

Carly Henry                    22:03 

Kenza Attallah                22:26 (PR)

Rachel Leonard              24:47 (PR)

Emelee Schenker           24:51 (PR)

Preston Cooper             16:53.5 (PR)

Ryan Winslow                16:53.8 (PR)

Luke Walguarney           18:21.1 (PR)

Asher Pollard                  18:21.8 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez              18:28 (PR)

Alex Hansen                   19:01 (PR)

John Zewell                     19:09 (PR)

Jizrahel Sajous                19:41

Ethan Fisher                    20:06

Cooper Geib                   20:13 (PR)

Hillsborough County Championships

Oct 13, 2022

Skyler Gillett                   20:45

Nathalia Mallo                21:44

Carly Henry                    23:30                  Alex Howell                    23:45

Megan Seleas                23:58

Isabella Quinlan             24:01

Kenza Attallah                24:10

Rachel Leonard             26:08

Emelee Schenker           27:38

Kaylie Hardee                27:56

Makenna Jones             30:32

Sara Diaz                       30:36

Makenna Howell            31:08

Lily Perin                        32:31

Karianna Hill                  36:07

Ryan Winslow                17:31

Preston Cooper             18:59

Alex Hansen                  19:48

Ethan Fisher                   19:50

Adrian Sanchez             20:01

Asher Pollard                 20:23

Luke Walguarney           20:35

John Zewell                    20:57

Jizrahel Soujous             21:02

Cooper Geib                  21:38

Ryan Lam                      25:59 

Caleb Joseph                27:27 (PR)

FSU Pre State

Oct 8, 2022


Skyler Gillett                    20:56  

Nathala Mallo                  21:04

Maria Ortiz                      21:15 (PR)

Carlson Henry                 23:06

Alex Howell                     23:08

Megan Seales                 23:24

Isabella Quinlann            23:25 (PR)

Kenza Attallah                24:06

Emelee Schenker           26:11 (PR)

Lily Perin                        27:09


Ryan Winslow                17:33

Preston Cooper             17:54

Alex Hansen                  19:15 (PR) 

Adrian Sanchez             19:23   

Jizrahel Sajous               19:40 (PR)

Ethan Fisher                   19:44

John Zewell                    20:12 (PR)

Cooper Geib                  20:46

Luke Walguarney           20:59 


Freshman/Sophomore Championships

Oct 6, 2022

Kenza Attallah                24:04

Rachel Leonard             25:57 (PR) 

Emelee Schenker           26:43

Lily Perin                         27:22

Kailey Hardee                 27:39 (PR)

Makenna Jones              28:41

Sara Diaz                        30:24

Karianna Hill                   32:34

Ethan Fisher                   19:40

Cooper Geib                  20:48

Ryan Lam                      24:08 (PR)  

Caleb Joseph                28:29

The Abbey Invite @ St Leo

Sept 26, 2022

Nathalia Mallo             21:29

Maria Ortiz                  22:35

Megan Seales             24:32 

Carly Henry                 25:13

Isabella Quinlan          25:13

Alex Howell                 25:43

Kenza Atallah              26:45

Emelee Schenker        27:13 

Rachel Leonard           28:13

Lily Perin                      28:37

Kailey Hardee              30:39

Makenna Howell          30:44

Makenna Jones           32:18 

Sara Diaz                     32:31

Ryan Winslow              18:05

Preston Cooper           18:09

Adrian Sanchez           19:45

Alex Hansen                19:57 (PR)

Luke Walguarney         21:16 

John Zewell                  21:18

Jizrahel Sajous             21:21

Cooper Geib                21:46

Ryan Lam                     25:26 (PR)

Caleb Johnson             29:40 

North Port Invite

Sept 19, 2022

Skyler Gillett                      20:18 

Nathalia Mallo                   21:22

Maria Ortiz                        21:47 (PR)

Megan Seales                   22:53 (PR)

Carly Henry                       23:19

Isabella Quinlan                23:26 (PR)

Alex Howell                       23:49 (PR)

Lily Perin                           26:18 (PR)

Emelee Schenker              26:21(PR)  

Rachel Leonard                26:52 (PR) 

Ryan Winslow                    17:12 (PR)

Preston Cooper                 18:17 

Adrian Sanchez                 18:47 (PR)

Luke Walguarney               19:14 (PR) 

Jizrahel Sajous                   19:48 (PR)

Alex Hansen                       19:57 (PR) 

Cooper Geib                       20:40 

John Zewell                         ???

West Hillsborough Invite

Sept 13, 2022

Skyler Gillett                       21:32

Nathalia Mallo                    21:54

Maria Ortiz                         23:11

Megan Seales                    23:38

Carly Henry                        23:53

Isabella Quinlan                 24:34

Alex Howell                        29:07

Rachel Leonard                 29:12

Makenna Howell                30:08

Lily Perin                            30:36

Kailey Hardee                    31:32

Emelee Schenker               31:39

Makenna Jones                  33:11

Ryan Winslow                      18:57

Luke Walguarney                 20:03              Ethan Fisher                         20:19

Adrian Sanchez                   20:31 

Jizrahel Sajous                    20:55

Alex Hansen                        21:02

John Zewell                         21:33

Cooper Geib                       21:36

Ryan Lam                           26:12

Caleb Joseph                     30:56                    

Seffner Christian Invite

Sept 10, 2022

Nathalia Mallo                22:41

Maria Ortiz                     23:30 

Megan Seales                23:52   

Isabella Quinlan             24:29

Carly Henry                    25:16

Kenza Attallah                26:01

Rachel Leonard              29:37 

Emelee Schenker           30:02

Makenna Jones              32:08

Lily Perin                         32:22

Makenna Howell             33:27

Sara Diaz                        34:06

Kailey Hardee                 34:09

Ryan Winslow                  18:26

Preston Cooper               18:54  

Adrian Sanchez               20:12  

Jizrahel Sajous                 21:09

Ethan Fisher                     21:13

Luke Walguarney             21:21

Alex Hansen                     21:27

John Zewell                      22:56

Cooper Geib                     22:57

Ryan Lam                         28:58

Caleb Johnson                 32:48 

Florida Horse Park Invite

Sept. 3, 2022

Skyler Gillet                   21:03

Nathalia Mallo               21:46

Maria Ortiz                    21:56 (PR)

Megan Seales              23:44

Isabella Quinlan           24:16 (PR)

Carly Henry                 24:38

Kenza Attallah             25:28

Rachel Leonard           28:08

Emelee Schenker         28:09 (PR)

Lily Perin                      28:13

Makenna Howell          28:49

Kailey Hardee              28:53

Makenna Jones           29:39

Sara Diaz                     30:59 (PR)

Preston Cooper               17:39 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez              19:18 

Luke Walguarney            20:28

Jizrahel Sajous                20:29 (PR)

Alex Hansen                    20:42 (PR)

Ethan Fisher                    20:52 (PR)

Cooper Geib                   21:02

John Zewell                     21:36

Ryan Lam                        26:14 (PR)

Caleb Johnson                30:53   

Babe Zaharius Invite

Aug 26, 2022

Skyler Gillett                    21:23

Nathalia Mallo                 21:43

Maria Ortiz                      22:46 (PR)

Carly Henry                     22:54

Alex Howel                      23:08 (PR)

Megan Seales                 23:30 (PR)

Kenza Attallah                 23:51 (PR)

Isabella Quinlan              26:46

Rachel Leonard               27:06

Makenna Jones               28:02

Lily Perin                          28:15

Makenna Howell              28:36

Emelee Schenker            28:59

Sara Diaz                         32:13

Preston Cooper               18:19 (PR)

Adrian Sanchez               19:38

Luke Walguarney             19:44

Cooper Geib                     20:26

Alex Hansen                     20:48

Jizrahel Sajous                 20:50

John Zewell                      20:52

Ethan Fisher                      20:59

Ryan Lam                          26:41 

Caleb Johnson                  27:35 


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