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The Ravens quest to replace the asphalt track with a new rubber surface took a giant leap last Monday with a monster donation from the Kincaid family, from Cocoa Beach, FL. Standing at $66,000 and aware of the hard work the Ravens have put in the past four years to get to the $80,000 mark, the Kincaids delivered a check for $15,000 to the Ravens Rubber Track Fund. At $81,000, the Ravens are ready to take the funds to the county and prepare for the next step. "No words can truly express the gratitude we have to the Kincaid Family," coach Roger Mills said. "This has been a long and strenuous process, but it seems like we are close to the finish line." The Kincaids, along with another donor who gave the Ravens $20,000, helped propel a fund raising venture that began four years ago and entailed car washes, parking spot painting, banner sales, business donations, Wall of Fame plaque sales, and other smaller fund raising projects. "It's a testimony to our students, parents and community, that in these tight times, folks are willing to make this type of investment in the future," Mills said. "It's very humbling."

Huge private donation pushes fund to $81,000

More donations move fund to $66,000

Recent fund raising ventures have seen the Ravens rubber track fund cross the $66,000 mark, moving even closer to the $80,000 target needed to secure a renovated facility. With the goal to stem the rash of stress fractures, shin splints, ankle and knee injuries, the Ravens have been attempting to resurface the asphalt track surface. The Ravens needed to raise $80,000 before it could approach Hillsborough County for any assistance. As it stands now, the track and field program is $14,000 away from that mark. "Without the extremely dedicated hard work of a few people behind the scenes, we would not be this far," Ravens coach Roger Mills said. "It's great to see the community get involved and show some faith in what this program has to offer. Of course, we have benefited from the absolute generosity of a few families in the area, some of whom don't even have children at Alonso." The Ravens are not only now focused on getting to the target mark, but are also looking for a title sponsor of the first ever invitational to be held on Alonso's new track surface.


Corporate Donations push fund to $63,000


In the recent weeks, two Florida-corporations have made donations to the Ravens Rubber Track initiative bringing the fund to $63,000.

M&G Janitorial Services, a Pasco County based company, was a primary sponsor for the recent 5K fund racing race. The donation of M&G was a significant part of the $3,000 raised by the Ravens during the fund raiser.

Publix Charities this week added to the cause with its own donation, moving the fund to $17,000 shy of the $80,000 target.The Ravens need to get to $80,000 before approaching the County for financial help. The last estimate received by Alonso quoted $120,000 to resurface the track and field areas with high school grade rubber. Neither principles of M&G nor Publix have children at Alonso.

"The fact that the contacts who were so generous have no children at Alonso is a demonstration of their willingness to invest in the future of our students," coach Roger Mills said. "It is proof that the community does in fact care about our kids. We are eternally grateful for their financial help and for their faith in what we are trying to do with our student athletes."


For 12 consecutive years, the Ravens have made an appearance in the FHSAA Track and Field State Finals despite training on an out-dated asphalt surface. In early November, distance runner Yonas Sauers became the first Raven since 2003 to qualify for the state finals in cross country.

"When you think about it, the accomplishments of our athletes is noteworthy," Mills said. "This, despite the shin splints, knee, ankle and hip injuries that are plaguing our athletes.The fact that most of our top District competitors all have rubber tracks to train on, means it is incumbent on us to negate their competitive advantage."

Alonso's primary competitors in 4A District 6 - Steinbrenner, Plant and Wharton - all have rubber tracks.

Rubber Track Fund gets another huge donation!

For the second time in five months, a community member has stepped up to make a difference. Another member of the Alonso community, who also wishes to remain anonymous, on Thursday (April 4th) made a hefty contribution to the team's rubber track fund. This time, the Ravens received a $2,000 check from a local businessman who does not have children at Alonso. It is the second heavy contribution made to the Ravens Track and Field program. Last fall, a West Chase resident donated $10,000, and pledged a second $10,000 to the fund.


"This was another absolute act of generosity and one we simply could not have imagined," said coach Roger Mills. "After getting the donation in fall, we were sure that such good fortune only shines once. Now, it's shinning again. We can't thank the people responsible for this donation enough."

Currently, the fund has raised $54,000 of the targeted $80,000 initially established as the  Ravens part of the required funds. With market price around $130,000 for a new rubberized surface to replace the asphalt surface the athletes are currently training on, the Ravens' initial plan is to get to $80,000, and then ask the county of assistance.


"Even if the county is low on funds, and who isn't, we have and will continue to demonstrate the work ethic needed to raise the funds," Mills said. "It's a long process and we are proud of the strides. But, we are still about $28,000 short of our intended amount. We just have to continue fundraising to the best of our ability. Donations such as this, however, bring us much closer.: 

$10,000 Donation, plus another $10,000 pledged to Rubber Track Fund 

..... Fund now projects at $52,000 ..... 

TAMPA –  The rubber track fund just got a helping hand. A gigantic helping hand.

An angel donor and friend of Alonso's track and field/cross country program made a $10,000 donation to the school’s rubber track fund at the end of 2017. The donor, who does not have a child at Alonso and has asked to remain anonymous, also pledged a further $10,000 in 2018. Currently, with that family's pledge, the rubber track fund has moved to $52,000


“This is an extremely generous donation and one that we could not have possibly anticipated,” coach Roger Mills said. “We

have been working tirelessly to raise the funds, and know these are difficult financial times for most of us in the community. This type of generosity proves that there still are many families out there that care about Alonso, and care about our student athletes. We cannot begin to appropriately express our gratitude.”


The total $20,000 gift, along with recent fund raising ventures from the Wall of Fame plaques and advertising banners, will move the fund closer to the program’s goal of $80,000. Commonly, a high school level polyurethane track will cost approximately $130,000. Once the program reaches the $80,000-mark, it is hoping to use the county’s matching funds program to secure the rest. Currently, the Ravens are training on an asphalt surface.

“We have said all along that a rubber track is a critical step in the prevention of injuries and in securing an even competitive playing field,” Mills said. “Year after year, our athletes have been plagued with shin splints, knee and ankle problems through the track season.  Equally challenging is the reality that the Ravens primary competitors in District 6 and in Region 2, all have rubber tracks.”


The schools in Alonso’s district that have rubber tracks include Wharton, Steinbrenner and Plant, along with traditional regional powers like George Jenkins and Osceola. With a rubber track Alonso will be able to host invitationals, as well as District and Regional meets.

 Here is a list of businesses that have purchased banners or made donations as of Feb. 2016

M&G Janitorial Services

Publix Charities


World of WestChase

Ability Roofing

Countryway Eyecare

Homeland 6

Dr. Christina Martin

Servis 1st

Insurance of America

Medicare Insurance Agency

Taylor Made Properties

Painting with a Twist

The Lodge

Rogers Family Co/JBR, Inc.


Manney & Gordon

Huntington Learning Center

Bast Floors


Cheval Golf & Athletic Club

Acoma Roofing

Wharton Smith

Ty Apparel, Inc

5 Star Athletics

Smith & Assoc. Realty

Dominic O. Fariello, PA

Bricks for Kidz


Matera Roofing Inc.

Marinas Pizza

Top Deck



American Dream

Storm Auto

Pro Auto Care

Bryant Danes










        New Plaques Go Up!

A new addition of Wall of Fame plaques was added to the commemorative monument last week. A total of 58 athletic plaques and two sponsorship signs now adore the Raven Nation Wall that serves as the entrance to the stadium. To purchase a Wall of Fame plaque, go to Leave a lasting legacy of your athletic contribution to Alonso High School.

Two new sponsors make needed contributions

Car giant Elder Ford, located on Florida Ave, and well known law firm Maney and Gordon became the newest contributors to the Ravens track and field program. Both companies purchased sponsorship banners which will be directly deposited into the program's rubber track fund. "We are deeply grateful for the generosity these two companies have shown toward our program," head coach Roger Mills said. "We hope they help establish momentum for our fund-raising effort."

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