Ravens head to County Championships at Wharton, April 13

The Hillsborough County Championships will be at Wharton High School, starting at 1 pm on Wednesday, April 13...

Hillsborough County Championships

Wed, April 13 @ Wharton, start time is 1 pm. (See full schedule below)

This meet is the County Championships. The top four advancers from each of the three Divisional meets and the next best four "at large" marks will compete at Wharton for medals and trophies. The meet will be run as straight finals in the identical format of the Divisionals last Wednesday. At stake is the County Championship. Keep in mind, while this meet has no baring on the State Series, which begins with the Districts two weeks later, it will provide the Ravens with a chance to improve times and performance marks for the purpose of seeding in the State Series. Given that most of these meets have now moved to the straight finals format, being in a fast heat, or top flight, is to your advantage.

Here are the Ravens qualifiers for the County Championships Wednesday, at Wharton High School.


Cinthia Medina (100M, 200M)

Patty Kilkelly (400M)

Jasiyah McCutchen (400M, HJ)

Megan Seales (HJ)

Skyler Gillett (800M)

Nathalia Mallo (800M)

Carly Henry (3200M)

Sharlinn Morel (300M)

Makenna Howell (300M)

Loriann Hulton (SP, Disc)

4x100 (Medina, Zhou, Kikelly, McCuthen, Bartolo, Morel)

4x400 (Mallo, Morel, Miller, Gillette, McCutchen, Kilkelly)

4x800 (Gillett, Ortiz, AHowell, Mallo, Henry, Morel)


Ian Ludlam (400M)

Raekwon Hopkins (800M, 1600M)

Ryan Winslow (1600M)

Krisangel Arce (HJ, TJ)

Javier Sanchez (HJ)

CWalters (SP)

Travis Croichy (LJ)

4x100 (JSanchez, Arce, Pearson, Croichy, Ludlam, Nicholas)

4x400 (Velazquez, A Sanchez, Arce, Ludlam, Pearson, Hopkins)

4x800 (Velazquez, Kremkau, Winslow, Ludlam, Hopkins, Cooper) 

Schedule of events for County Championships at Wharton

12:30 Coaches Meeting

1:00 pm Field Events (Session 1)
B Long Jump
G Long Jump
G Discus
B Shot Put
G High Jump
G Pole Vault

Field Events (Session 2 to follow session 1)
B Triple Jump
G Triple Jump
B Discus
G Shot Put
B High Jump
B Pole Vault

Note: For safety protocols, G/B Javelin will happen AFTER the completion of shot and disc competitions.

Running Events @ 3:00 pm

Straight Finals @ 4:45 pm (girls then boys, rolling schedule)


FHSAA 4A-6 Districts

Wed, April 27 @ East Lake HS, start time is  TBA.

This meet is the opening round of State Series. The following schools make up our district - Alonso, Steinbrenner, Sickles, Palm Harbor, Wiregrass, Largo, Mitchell, Wharton, and East Lake. Each school will be allowed three entries per event. There is a possibility of a fourth runner, but only if all four runners from the school meet an FHSAA standard. The meet will be run as straight finals. The field events (except for HG and PV) will be four attempts, no finals. The top four finishers in each event will advance to the 4A-R2 Regionals at Alonso, on May 7. The Regional meet will host teams from Districts 5, 6, 7 and 8. The meet starts with field events at 1 pm, 4x800 at 3:30 pm, and all other running events begin at 6 pm. The top two finishers are automatic qualifiers for the 4A State Championships on Saturday, May 15 at the University of Florida. The next eight best times in the State will earn "at large bids" to States.


Girls Top three season's best for 2022

LJ: Howell (4.49), Morel (4.29), Woodley (4.21)


HJ: Seales (1.42), McCutchen (1.37), Zhou (1.27)


SP: Hulton (8.53), Newton (7.61), Donohue (5.70) 

Disc: Hulton (25.06), Newton (23.63), Donohue (19.99)

Jav: Donahue (23.0), Jones (21.65), Hulton (21.23)  

100: Medina (12.70), PKilkelly (13.18), Bartolo (13.57)

200: Medina (26.43), Morel (28.03), McCutcheon (28.41)

400: Morel (1:04), PKilkelly (1:04), Mallo (1:05)

800: Gillett (2:27), Mallo (2:28), Ortiz (2:41)

1600: Gillett (5:26.76), Mallo (5:39), Howell (6:00)

3200: Gillett (11:49), Mallo (12:25), Henry (13:18)

300H: Morel (50.73), Howell (54.99), Fisher (1:00)

100H: Fisher (19.96), Howell (20.49),  Rakita (21.88)

4x100: Medina, PKilkelly, Bartolo, Morel (51.82)

4x400: Kilkelly, Mallo, Gillett, Morel (4:20)

4x800: Gillett, Mallo, Ortiz, Howell (10:31)

Boys Top three season's best for 2022

LJ: Croichy (6.40), JSanchez (5.60), Arce (5.56),

TJ: Arce (12.28), Oliver (10.99), Atkins (10.40)

HJ: Arce (1.82), JSanchez (1.72), Pearson (1.52)


SP: CWalters (13.51), Hall (12.11), HWalters (11.34)

Jav: Valentin (32.16), Lanford (31.58), Becher (28.15)

Disc: HWalters (33.20), Hall (31.88), Becher (26.72)

100:  Croichy (11.12), JSanchez (11.48), Pearson (11.71)

200: Croichy (23.08), Ludlam (23.55), JSanchez (23.95)

400: Ludlam (50.67), Velazquez (53.05), ASanchez (55.5)

800: Hopkins (1:59), Velazquez (2:00), Winslow (2:07) 

1600: Hopkins (4:24), Velazquez (4:37), Cooper (4:49)

3200: Hopkins (9:40), Cooper (10:21), Winslow (10.44)

110 H: Fisher (18.97), Bozied (19.16), Carravella (20.27)

300 H: Fisher (47.36), Caravella (47.54), Bozied (49.36)

4x100: JSanchez, Ludlam, Pearson, Croichy (44.49)

4x400: Velazquez,ASanchez, Arce, Ludlam (3:36)

4x800: Velazquez, Ludlam, Hopkins, Winslow (8:20)


Attendance guidelines, practice schedules and other information!

Pre-season conditioning for the 2022 track and field season will be every Monday and Thursday after school for the month of December. Then every Mon, Wed and Thursday until January 18. Distance runners ALWAYS have a Saturday morning run. These practices are voluntary.

The official start to the 2022 track and field season is Mon. Jan. 31. From that point on, practices are daily and not voluntary, but mandatory. What that means is that EVERY athlete who is a part of our program is expected to attend practices, ALL PRACTICES.

That is what team commitment means. It is your responsibility to fix your schedule to make practices. If you can’t make a commitment to the team, and to practice with the team because of personal reasons, academic reasons, job schedules, etc, we completely understand. Then perhaps you need to rethink being a student athlete.

The program will make accommodations/exceptions for athletes involved in another Alonso sport sharing the concurrent season - baseball, softball, flag, tennis and lacrosse. Athletes currently in a winter sport (soccer, basketball, wrestling) are welcome to join us as soon as their season is over. Be aware of our temporary schedule, which is printed below. For instance, Saturday mornings are part of track and field commitment. Meets are on Saturday mornings and the attendance tends to be 100%. 

Regular Practice Times: Once the regular season begins, practices are after school routinely Monday - Friday (from 4:00-5:35 pm). ALL distance runners have a Saturday morning run ( 7 am) which is mandatory. Please note, under current Covid-19 protocols, athletes must wear masks once practice is over, and parents are expected to pick up their students immediately after practice and vacate the parking lot ASAP.

PAPERWORK IS NOT NEGOTIABLE: All paperwork must be uploaded electronically, without any exceptions. A student athlete uncleared on the Home Campus app will not be allowed to practice, train or compete. Click this link County Athletic Paperwork to connect to the online process. Note, your paperwork is entirely online. Here are the primary requirements: a sports physical (completed on the County's EL2 document), $30 of insurance through the county's athletic insurance link, certificates from watching three videos (put all three together, take a photo and upload the single photo), ALL electronic forms and signatures completed, copy of appropriate utility bill (ex water, TECO, mortgage, tax, etc. Remember phone and cable bills are not accepted), copy of parent ID that matches your listed address.  

OTHER SPORTS: Most of the athletes are multi-sport athletes, which is strongly promoted by our school and our Athletic Director. So, we share athletes. If you are in an active sport - like soccer, wrestling or basketball - you are excused. That sport is in season and is your priority. Win the state title, and then join us. If not, you are expected to be at our workouts. Our season begins on Feb. 6.

SPRING SPORT: Track and field is a spring sport, so that means we have critical meets just before and during the Spring Break. Please consider your commitment to the team, when planning vacations or absences. 

TESTING DATES: Also, note that many track and field meets occur on Saturday mornings, which are SAT/ACT dates. If you know you are taking a test that conflicts with a meet, it is critical that you inform the coaching staff ONE WEEK in advance. One of the rules of track and field is athletes cannot be substituted for others on the day of the meet. Roster spots are commonly set three days in advance. If you do not show up for your event, no teammate can take your place.

PROPER SHOES: A strong supportive pair of running shoes is vital for daily training in track and field. Shin splints, sore ankles, painful arches, and tender knees occur primarily due to poor shoes.  Get yourself a good pair of shoes. If they are old or from the bargain shelves, you are taking a risk. You will also need to get a pair of competition spikes, since all of our meets will be on rubber tracks. Those don't have to be too expensive, since you use them sparingly. But, your will need them for meets.

NO TRADITIONAL TRYOUTS, NO JV: It has been the practice of the Ravens program that we do not hold tryouts in the manner most are accustomed. In other words, we do not make cuts, all are welcome. However, we do have team time trials, usually the week before the start of the regular season, and or in the preseason. The time trials seed athletes per event. In certain elite meets (for example, Saturday invitationals), only the top three or four athletes per event are allowed to compete. It does mean that our less experienced members of the team will compete in weekly duals and tri-meets, but may not on weekends.

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